Experienced and expert development teams to help your organization leverage technology through cost effective, custom and scalable development solutions

Websites, Mobile Apps, Could-Based Solutions

Looking for a tool to increase efficiency but can’t find something that is a perfect fit? Have a solution that you don’t love and are paying too much in subscription fees? Sinking too much time into daily tasks that can be automated? Hoping to improve your web footprint?

Whether you are looking to modernize, grow or optimize – The Transom Group can deliver a comprehensive solution that is tailored to fit your needs. 

Our team of experienced and innovative developers can help drive your organization forward with custom, cost effective and scalable solutions. Along with solution engineering led by experienced, detail oriented and partner-focused project managers – we are expert at turning concepts into creations you can use. 

Resources Tailored to Your Project

Whatever your goal, we have resources that fit. With varying skill levels and years of experience, our team includes frontend, backend and full-stack developers, Dev Ops and mobile developers, web designers and data specialists.

Choice of Coding Languages

Our team has proficiency in several coding languages - Python, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, JavaScript, Linux, Apache and more! We are able to step into nearly any project whether it be existing or new.

Servers, Architecture, Frameworks

We can work with you to find right solution for your needs. Whether you have your own server or need a hosting solution, our team is expert in ensuring solutions are built on solid foundations so you have the infrastructure to grow.

"The heart of our work is ensuring that our students fully engage whether at home or on campus. This means that we must efficiently monitor their attendance and academics each day, provide timely interventions, and loop in team members. Early on, we researched tools in the market to help meet this challenge. We found none, so we turned to our technical whizzes. The result is a suite of tools that enable us to track each student's academic engagement — and to intervene when needed."

- MS, Chief Education Officer for a national dropout recovery program